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Ben Irvine, Party Secretary and Founder

Ben is a social change researcher and activist who now dedicates himself to building and supporting wellbeing community networks. He has a background in IT, environmental science and economics and has spent 2 years working as an researcher for The Australia Institute, a progressive policy think tank in Canberra.

In addition to working full time on the Wellbeing Party, Ben teaches yoga and meditation and also facilitates the community event Conscious Cinema. 

Ben believes that flourishing wellbeing communities around the globe are the beginning of the movement that will address the social, environmental and economic challenges of our time. 



Philip is an energy and resources lawyer who has advised both private corporations and the NSW Government in relation to climate change law and policy, environmental laws and court proceedings, corporate transactions and social infrastructure projects, including the WestConnex tollroad project in Sydney, the privatization of the Newcastle Port and the privatization of NSW's electricity networks. Philip is currently on a break from private legal practice and is currently pursuing his other passions of  meditation, yoga and counselling with a view to practicing these as part of building and supporting wellbeing within the community.


Stacia Karina

Stacia's background spans over twenty years in the corporate and non-profit sectors in a range of marketing, communications and fundraising roles. For the past six years Stacia has operated her private practice as a Holistic Counsellor and in 2013 established The Art of Relating, a social enterprise co-founded with her partner Gero von Aderkas.

Stacia and Gero's mission is to bring the heart back into how we relate at home, at work and in community and to allow people to go beyond what they currently know is possible in human relating. They do this by creating safe and transformational spaces that foster connection, trust and the revealing of collective wisdom.


Simon Wade

Simon is a technology expert who is passionate about mindfulness, consciousness raising and wellbeing. Simon has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, and is a student and great advocate of daily meditation practice.

"We live in a time of unprecedented change and challenges that threaten the very survival of our species and the natural world. Humanity is now faced with a central challenge: to rise up to meet these challenges, or to descend into irrelevance as the natural and artificial world evolves beyond us.

I believe that this is fundamentally a challenge of consciousness: these challenges are born and will be resolved to the extent that we can live and act with love, instead of fear. This change is already happening. Every day we are changing the world."