Wellbeing Economics

Our most essential resource is wellbeing: economic, environmental and social.  Policies that solely promote economic wellbeing are missing the bigger picture.

Wellbeing is both a means and ends of policy making because personal wellbeing is more than a luxury. It has flow on effects throughout the economy: 

    1. Greater social capital and trust
    2. Creativity and flow - a more entrepreneurial society
    3. Higher productivity in both individuals and teams
    4. Greater active and engaged citizenship
    5. Less anti-social behaviour
    6. Less materialism and waste
    7. Vitality and physical health
    8. Fewer mental health problems

This is why the Wellbeing Party is seeking to address and improve wellbeing policy across the board. We believe that Australia can join the ranks of world leaders and innovators in supporting wellbeing. As part of this strategy, we are advocating for a comprehensive, entire government set of national well-being accounts.

These accounts will enable a 'whole economy' approach to wellbeing across the government's entire policy portfolio.

Wellbeing is already being measured independently of the government in Australia. Here is a great overview by Jessica Irvine.


The Wellbeing Party is opposed to any international trade deals which undermine our ability to place the wellbeing of Australians above the profits of corporations.

In particular, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (or ‘TPP’) is a major trade deal being negotiated by Australia and 11 other pacific nations including the United States. The TPP will include Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions, which would mean that foreign-owned companies would have the power to sue the Australian Government for decisions that adversely impact on their investments in Australia.

Help support the GetUp! campaign and petition to bring attention and scrutiny to the deal.