The wellbeing economy


Wellbeing is our most essential economic resource. True success in governance and development comes from maximising our social, environmental and economic wellbeing. Wellbeing for individuals is not simply a luxury, it is an essential ingredient for a connected, productive and purpose-driven life that contributes to the greater public good.

The wellbeing revolution


The wellbeing revolution has already begun! The Wellbeing Party seeks to represent and support the vast range of wellbeing focused communities, organisations and practitioners as a movement for political change. Our vision is that solving the challenges of our time begins with this revolution in wellbeing, empathy and connection.

Compassionate Communication 


More effective methods of political communication are required to find solutions for crucial issues. Representatives of the Wellbeing Party strive to adhere to a code of conduct that includes compassionate communication, empathy and deep listening.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.
— A. J. Muste, civil rights and anti-war activist

Policy Platform

Our wellbeing manifesto

Our intentions

  • In 2016 to run a campaign focusing on getting Wellbeing Party members elected to the federal senate.
  • To continue to hold transformative community events that help build networks of wellbeing and connection.
  • To establish a permanent office as soon as possible and to employ staff with expertise including policy development, media and communications, election campaigning, volunteer co-ordination and event management.
  • Campaigns to reach out and foster relationships with wellbeing organisations, practitioners and communities across Australia.
  • To establish a research organisation (think tank) called the Wellbeing Policy Institute which will act in partnership with the Wellbeing Party. The Wellbeing Policy Institute will develop the most effective practices and policies for increasing wellbeing in Australia and around the world.